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Arturia Pigments 2 VST Crack – Plugin Free Download


An immensely powerful wavetable and virtual analogue software synthesizer, 20 years in the making. This is Pigments 2 VST Crack, and it’s going to change the way you make music forever. Taking that spark of imagination and transforming it into sound is the most fundamental, exhilarating part of creating music. Pigments makes that process natural, intuitive, and colourful.

How to get started with Arturia Pigments 2 Crack

What’s new in Arturia Pigments 2 Crack

Updated Sequencer

Pigments 2 Crack Download includes an intuitive sequencer and arpeggiator so you can program evolving rhythms, melodies, and bouncy bass lines. The updated sequencer has a revamped Random mode, sparking unplanned musical joys.

The Best of Both Worlds

Pigments’ striking sound comes from the unique fusion of analog and wavetable synthesis. Use its three-oscillator analog engine or its complex wavetable engine separately or stacked together, depending on what you’re looking to achieve.

Modular Modulation

Pigments is designed with a modular mindset, meaning you can easily modulate nearly any parameter with anything else. Put an LFO on a filter cutoff, use function generators to control delay time, and generally make your sounds move more with just a few clicks.

Classic Arturia Filters

Pigments includes dozens of the acclaimed filters from Arturia’s V Collection, dead-on emulations of the classic hardware filters like the M12, SEM, Mini, and the newly added LowPass Gate. This means Pigments can produce warm, analog lines both new and familiar.

Pigments 2 Plugin Crack Info

NamePigments 2
Working onWindows & Mac OSX
Size2,67 Go
Working on32 & 64 bit- VSTi Standalone AAX VST

Pigments 2 VST Crack Features

  • Combines 2 sound engines in parallel in one powerful, easy-to-use soft synth
  • Modulate anything with anything, including MIDI, envelopes, LFOs, random sources, and complex function generators
  • Arturia Pigments 2 Crack has a complex wavetable engine with morphing and import
  • Integrated polyrhythmic step sequencer and arpeggiator makes it easy to create complex, evolving sequences and arps
  • Extensive factory preset library with hundreds of sounds from top artists and sound designers
  • 4 assignable macros to control multiple parameters at once
  • Pigments 2 VST Crack has a virtual analog engine with 3 oscillators per voice and multiple waveforms
  • Granular synth engine for mind-mending soundscapes
  • Powerful built-in studio-grade effects
  • Visual interface with graphical representation of the most important modules
  • Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based
  • Living, moving waveform to see your sound come alive
  • Twin filters with dozens of continuously variable filter types and continuous series/parallel routing

Arturia Pigments 2 Crack Review

Out of phase plant, serum, msoundfactory and alchemy I gravitate towards this plugin a bit more due to its ease of use and the visual feedback of the gui. Happy with this purchase, hopefully arturia keeps building on pigments over time. Really great stuff..thanks Arturia Pigments 2 Crack!

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