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Antares AutoTune Vocal Studio Crack |Free Download Mac/Windows


Autotune Vocal Studio Crack combines Auto-Tune Pro Crack, the industry standard in professional pitch correction, Auto-Key, for automatic key and scale detection, and all 11 of our pioneering AVOX vocal processing plug-ins. Together, this plug-in bundle provides a professional suite of 13 plug-ins for producing world-class vocal tracks.

How to properly use Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Crack

Why you should download and use Auto-Tune Vocal Studio

Combining Antares’ Auto-Tune Pro and AVOX 4, Auto-Tune Vocal Studio gives you everything you need to produce killer vocal tracks. Create vocals with perfect pitch and timing using Autotune Vocal Studio Crack, then add warmth, doubling, harmonies, and more with AVOX 4.

Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Free Download is our premium subscription bundle that offers the lowest cost-of-entry access to the complete AVOX collection, every current version of Auto-Tune, Auto-Key, free software upgrades, and ongoing access to select new plugins.

Auto-Tune Pro Crack: standard pitch

With Autotune Vocal Studio Crack, Antares’ industry-standard pitch and time correction plug-in has received a serious upgrade. For starters, the plug-in has gotten a facelift. Whether you’re diving into Auto-Tune’s deep features or just scratching the surface, this streamlined interface makes it incredibly easy to use. Auto-Key is a huge time-saver, automatically detecting the key and scale of your project. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you’ll love Auto-Tune Pro’s Classic Mode — it gives you the “Auto-Tune 5 sound” used on numerous iconic pop recordings. Enjoy close integration with your DAW, thanks to Audio Random Access support. Beyond that, you can control Auto-Tune Pro’s key parameters in real-time with your MIDI controller.

AVOX 4: 11 amazing vocal tools

With Antares AVOX 4 in your toolbox, your vocal tracks will sound better than ever. You get 11 incredible modules inside of AVOX 4, and each is a great tool on its own. But the vocal-processing power you get from this bundle makes it an incredible value! From subtle warmth and doubling to harmony generation to out-of-this-world vocal effects, this package is a winner. Whether you’re tweaking a vocal to perfection or inventing entirely voice effects, you need AVOX 4!

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Auto-Tune Vocal Studio Crack Minimum System Requirement

Plugin NameAuto-Tune Vocal Studio
Compatible withMac & Windows
VST Size1,08 Go
CategoryBundle, Vocal
Requirements32 or 64 bit, 2 Go Ram or +

Auto-Tune Pro VST Crack Features

  • Drum software for plug-in or standalone operation
  • Includes 3 drum kits: Fairfax Vol. 1, Fairfax Vol. 2, and Black Velvet
  • Over 5,000 MIDI grooves to help you create drum tracks in any style
  • Fine-tune the character of your drum sounds with Transient Shaper and Tone Designer
  • Unique delay and reverb effects plus powerful EQ give you lots of options for shaping your sound
  • Easily link kit pieces together for fatter or more creative sounds
  • Add depth to your kit with specialty “Trigger” kit pieces like white noise, sine wave or one-shot samples
  • Make any MIDI groove fit with your track’s rhythm with Beat Transformer
  • Grid Search helps you find the right MIDI groove based on whatever groove you hear in your head
  • Drag and drop finished drum parts as audio directly to your DAW or desktop

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