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Mike Dean GainStation VST Crack Download


Developed in collaboration with Studio DMI and super producer Mike Dean Gainstation Crack (Kanye West, 2Pac, Scarface, Travis Scott, 2 Chainz, Jay-Z, Drake), Gainstation is the 21st Century plugin for anything distortion and creative sound mangling. Gainstation is based on a series of hardware units that were carefully selected and modded by Mike himself to achieve his unique signature sound. Gainstation VST Free Download is a completely new tool with no equivalent on the market, enabling you to add power, dimension and juice to your tracks way faster and better than with any other plugin chain in your arsenal.

Mike Dean Gainstation Crack Video Walkthrough

Gainstation VST Crack Overview

The distortion plugin comes out as a collaboration with Acustica Audio, Studio DMI & Luca Pretolesi. Run your standard snare through Gainstation VST Crack and all of the built-in tubes & transistors will add not only a few harmonics but also crush your sound turning it into a completely new sound. Every sound running through this plugin gets the distortion it needs to cut through the mix or to stand out from the rest. Containing 8 knobs talking about the input gain, pre-AMP, bass, air, spread, clipper, routing, and output gain to maintain a clear overview. These important features will make sure you can widen your claps, clip your bass, add vintage air to your synths, run your kicks through a pre-AMP, and route every sound through a different order of processing.

A dedicated preamp section lets you change the overall input and output levels from -24/+24 dB. The Input preamp trim control allows you to increase and decrease the harmonic distortion of the preamp by easily adding ‘coloration’ to your source. The EQ section comprises two Pultec-style bands: a BASS++ band plus an AIR++ band. The bass portion influences both the low frequency response and the amount of harmonic distortion as it features an integrated preamp emulation. To increase the level of harmonics, just choose one of the four included emulations and fiddle with the ‘Preamp Input Trim’ control.

Gainstation features a Spread control that lets you optimize the stereo image of your tracks. This control differs from that of other plugins, as it does not affect the MID portion of the audio but only increases or decreases the amount of SIDE, leaving the MID intact. Simple and effective. Gainstation Cracked VST Download includes four different Clipper modes (D – E – A – N) with increasing impact from D to N. Use the Clipper Trim control to vary the intensity to suit your taste. Experiment with the different possible routing configurations for even more creative possibilities.

About this Crack

Plugin NameGainStation
Working onMac OSX or Windows
Created byMike Dean / Acustica Audio
Plugin Size293,4 Mo
Minimum RequirementsMac OS 10.11 – Windows 10, 2GB Ram

How to install and crack Mike Dean Gainstation VST

  1. Download the plugin by using the links below
  2. Extract the .zip archive and open the folder
  3. Run the installer_x64.exe if you’re using a 64 bit computer
  4. Accept terms and select a folder
  5. Then, press the install buton
  6. Once the software is installed Copy & Paste the whole Crack folder in the same folder where you installed GainStation Crack
  7. Add Mike Dean Gainstation Crack to your favorite DAW
  8. Enjoy!

GainStation VST Crack System Requirements

  • Windows 10 / Mac OS 10.11 (or higher
  • working on 32 and 64-bit versions
  • 2,1 GHz quad core CPU or better
  • 2 GB Ram or more
  • PPC processors are not supported.
  • Only 64-bit version is provided.

GainStation VST Free Download

Download link: Click here


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